With the sun shining for the first time in months, we couldn’t help but get excited for what was another stellar Unique show full of youthful exuberance and some seriously to-die-for sequined trousers!


Taking nothing less than the galaxy as a starting point and throwing in an essential dose of grunge in true Topshop style, the show kicked off with a collection of incredible outerwear pieces.  From hooded shapes – cropped super-short at the midriff – and Eighties-inspired blouson parkas, to amazing tailored coats with huge pleated sleeves, this was a collection that looked back to the powerful silhouettes of the Eighties through the eyes of a rebellious teen.


Contrasting the powerful tailored looks were galactic-size knits. Snooded capes came with lurex geometric patterns, while loose knit jumpers featured grungy, laddered effects. The best looks appeared hand-woven – with giant scarves and jumpers adorned with roughened-up fringing and hard-edged metallic chains, or worked in yarns created from disused videotape!

While the dark palette reflected the night sky – blacks, greys and midnight blues – solar system inspired bolts of colour created an illuminating effect and added a cool dose of youthfulness. Searing shades of vermillion, coral and sun looked amazing on sequined colour-blocked knits, while bronze lips and fluoro highlights for shoelaces and fingernails were the order of the day. Prints inspired by neon lights and astronomical imagery floated over darkly coloured t-shaped shifts, and crystal-shaped Perspex jewels added to the imaginary effect.

The best looks came close to the end with a collection of New Wave-esque brightly coloured parachute silk jumpsuits – layered with metallic leathers and super-high hybrid hiking boots – and finished off what was a to-die-for fashion odyssey for AW09.