Inspired by old-school horror movies – Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Poltergeist – we’re worried we won’t be able to sleep after watching Ann-Sofie Back’s AW09 collection.

Ripped jeans, sweatshirts and vests were laced in leather and covered with cross-stitching reminiscent of Leatherface’s mask in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. While distorted snake and check prints dripping in blood made us think of the college kids vicious dreams in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Dream catcher inspired pieces – from dresses to accessories – were not of the sweet kind. They featured knife marks and will have us running from Indian burial grounds in our nightmares! Worn with white powder and scary white eye contacts all we can say is arghhhhhhh!  

The nightmarish tiara designed by Sheefun Chan as well as jewellery dripping with pre-chewed bubble gum (don’t worry it’s resin coated), will make sure no one wants to be prom queen!

We can’t get enough of Ann-Sofie’s dark humour… burn in hell for AW09! Back_1