To a celebrity packed front row – including the infamous Anna Wintour – Jonathan Saunders sent dresses bursting with colour down the catwalk.

One of our favourite Topshop collaborators, we’re always excited to see what amazing prints and colour combinations Jonathan will come up with! Look out for his collection for Topshop which is set to land in March.

Over in New York, two fabulous looks were a structured cherry red wool coat with silver hardware and a breathtaking hunter green silk cocktail dress with exaggerated puff sleeves, a cinched waist and a flared skirt.

And we loved the way stylist Tabitha Simmons had added a hard edge to the dresses by pairing them with black long sleeved mock-turtle necks. And Christian Louboutin contributed glittering stacked heels that we can’t stop thinking about. Take note for next season!

After the show we made a beeline for Saunders who was busy telling the press about his inspirations for AW09.

Topshop: That was a brilliant show! How are you feeling right now?
Jonathan: I feel great
Topshop: Tired?
Jonathon: A bit tired (laughing!)
Topshop: So how do you plan on celebrating?
Jonathan: Well everyone back on the other side of the stage has been working so hard, so I’m going to take them out to celebrate.
Topshop: Any favourite places to do that?
Jonathan: I don’t know! It sounds like I’m going to Bungalow 8 obviously – that’s where the official after party is!
Topshop: So does this season stand out for you in any way?
Jonathan: Every season is different. As my company grows, we do things differently and we learn from what we’ve done the previous season. It always changes. You know in these tough times people focus on what they really loves and tries to make themselves really stand out as an individual and I think that’s what everybody should do. 
Topshop:  What can we expect from you for next season?
Jonathan: Eh!? Who knows? Are you kidding? So many people must pretend that they know. But six weeks before the show is when they start thinking about it! (Laughs again!)