Maria Francesca Pepe


What was the last song you danced to?
Yesterday, in my studio at 1am while having a too-much-work-excitement. It was a Moloko track. Maybe I'll use it for my final walk back…I've changed my show's soundtrack too many times.

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever been?
I love Frieze aqua in Florence in the evening. Walking along the Galleria deli Uffizi and staring at all those statues of amazing people that have made our culture. I imagine their real features and feel like they are all alive and staring at me instead. Then heading to the "lingo Arnos". I strongly suggest a visit.

What inspires you?
My Italian roots, handcraft, the woman's body, human hair, music, my friends, mirrors, postures, photography, fabrics, shoes, eroticism.

What’s your favourite possession?
My "ring of art". Everybody thinks I am married because I always wear it on my left hand. A dear friend gave it to me at a special time. It's a symbol about embracing anything life brings as a creative inspiration. And all my cuddly toys. And my house in Milan when I go back home after a long time.

What’s going to be big in AW09?

Late Eighties power look, overdone hair.

Who would be on your fantasy front row?
Best buyers, best press, best celebrities, family and friends and Louise Wilson.