If you haven't heard or seen Erin Wasson then where have you been? Her exciting projects have included collaborations with Justin Timberlake, a super-cool jewellery line called Low Luv, as well as advisor and muse to Alexander Wang.

In town last week to launch her most recent project – a collaboration with Californian skate label RVCA – we caught up with Erin at Selfridges to get the lowdown on the collection and her trip to London.

Dressed in a ditsy floral dress from the debut range – cut off to make super-short and paired with sky-high boots – she told us matter-of-factly what inspired the RVCA partnership: 'Beach and Surf dude!' And the collection really embodies this laid-back attitude: cute floral dresses, denim cut-offs and white vests 'with a high scoop so you can flash a bit of the lower back.' Talking to her we immediately wanted to move to LA, surf, skate and never wash our hair again!

Before she raced off to a Cure gig with her cute skater friends we asked her about the British music scene. Knowing she is an old-school rocker at heart, it was no surprise to hear her British faves include bands like The Smiths and The Kinks, and she went on to tell us that is was the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan who was the inspiration for the RVCA line: 'think the girl who travels with the band; denim, leather, fringing and messy hair.'

With our New York store opening in April we had to ask about the buzz in New York, 'you guys don't realise how much we are waiting the Topshop New York store to open; there's going to be a storm, the girls are going to go crazy!' And, while trying to hide our visible adoration, we discovered she's a big fan of us too, 'I love Topshop; the SS09 collection is awesome, all that fringing and western vibe. I’m a complete Texan girl so the rockabilly look is perfect for me.'

It looks like she was telling the truth – we spotted her on Facehunter in the Unique pearly jacket in Paris this week!