You might have seen the pink meringue pigs the Judges Bakery whipped up for us during London Fashion Week; well, now you can win a mini-break thanks to those nifty cake makers. Just fill out the form to be in the running.

Last week we we're lucky enough to chat to Jo Fairley – founder and master organic baker – where she told us some of her favourite things…

What's the coolest thing you've ever bought on ebay?
A wonderful gold vintage dressing table.

What's the last song you danced to?
'Shout', which was sung by Lulu at her 60th birthday party hosted by Elton John.
Where's the most exciting place you've ever been?
Lake Turkana in Kenya. At night you'd go down to wash in the lake and there would be crocodile eyes staring back. One morning I found a scorpion in BOTH boots – I'm not sure that’s the type of excitement I really want on a holiday!

What's your favourite possession?
A waistcoat – decorated with the contents of my great-aunt's button tin – which she made when she was 90, with the comment: 'I didn't want to die with a full button tin'.  A great motto for life actually!
What's going to be big in AW09?
Eco and recycled fashion, and pink meringue pigs (move over cupcakes)