Photo by the Golden Silvers

If the sudden appearance of the sun has got you reaching for those floral dresses, the nearest patch of grass and a large jug of Pimms, then complete the summer feeling by making Golden Silvers your soundtrack of the week.

For a band that’s little over two years old, who boast a Glastonbury New Talent award, a tour with the Mystery Jets, and a queue around the block to get in their monthly club-night, they really are going for gold.

The North London trio describe themselves as a feel good band, and can lift any mood with their Beach Boys-esque three part harmonies and fairy tale lyrics about love, cupids and moonbeams. But, stating Bowie, Prince and Sly Stone as their influences, their style also goes deeper; whipping up a whirlwind of soul, disco, indie and psychadellic pop sounds.

Judging by their tight beats, tight guest lists and tight trousers, this band means business. Catch the boys and their friends at The Bronze club at The Macbeth in Hoxton tonight.