Tame Impala


We were ushered into the tiny back room at The Lexington, to meet cult band-of-the-moment Tame Impala, before their first ever gig in London. Dressed in the standard band uniform of skinny jeans and tees, they were unaware of the buzz and industry hype that lay ahead.

Fresh from being interviewed by Zane Lowe, Tame Impala were in high spirits to be in the UK saying 'we feel like we're on another planet'. With rumours circling about Noel Fielding attending the gig, as we left, there was talk of the band painting 'Noel' on their chests.

Citing their inspirations as Led Zepplin ,Cream, Groundhogs and the Presets, frontman Kevin described their music as 'groove melody based psych music', with the powerful and electric song Desire Be Desire Go being chosen by the band as the tune that best summed up their psychedelic retro sound. Think of The Beatles in their experimental years. 

Still based in their hometown of Perth, they refuse to move down to Sydney or Melbourne. 'We'd be out every night seeing bands! We need to be somewhere with space to practice'.

Since touring with the 'cool lads' – the boys from MGMT in Australia last year – Tame Impala are now signed to Modular, and in the process of writing their album, they'll be recording with one of the producers from the White Stripes Elephant album while in London this week.

The mostly bare-footed band wowed the audience with a seven piece set, which included their cover of Blue Boy's 90s house classic Remember Me that had the crowd singing along! As we left we spotted Noel Fielding rushing backstage.


Tame Impala will be playing in London on Saturday at Nevereverland at The Coronet in South London as part of a Modular event. Beg, borrow or steal to get a ticket, this is one gig you need to go to!