The story of Reno and Julie reads like something from a fairytale. French interior designer Julie Rouzioux moved to London about four years ago to improve her English – she only intended to stay for a year but then she met composer Reno Inchenko at her local East London pub.

With their backgrounds in architecture and music, it didn’t seem that the two would end up in business.  But, the self-proclaimed music geek also turned out to be a fashion one: before enrolling at university to do a BA in sound design and creating his own T-shirt label in 2001, Inchenko obtained an HMD in pattern cutting and garment construction.

Meanwhile, Rouzioux had studied art history and architecture in Paris and Turin and completed a Masters degree in fashion history. A fashion addict – she's always loved vintage clothes and car boot sales!

Together, these sound and interior designers found it more and more difficult not to design. Their creativity had to be expressed – so they made plans. And that's where White Trumpet came from.

With their simple garments muted into highly original urban wear thanks to intricate geometric constructions, their casual yet sophisticated aesthetic caught the imagination of Topshop's concessions buyer Antonia O'Malley.

Now available in Topshop's first pop-up boutique EDIT, this is certainly not the end. It’s only the beginning!

Reno1White Trumpet's SS09 collection is available in our Oxford Circus store. Pictures by White Trumpet.

Check out our Q&A with London’s latest duo:

How would you describe where you’re from?
Reno: I’m from North London – it’s a never-ending source of stimulation.
Julie:  I’ve been living in London for 5 years and before that in Paris and Italy, but I still think about Lyon as my hometown. It is a great city, every weekend you can experience a different “mini adventure”: the Alpes, Marseille, the countryside, everything is near by!

What do you love about where you live?
Reno: I love British football and London is great for music. I would have loved to be a musician!
Julie: London is a big city but it feels more like living in little villages – you always bump into someone you know and you can escape just going to the other side of the city.

Does your hometown influence your style?
Reno: Of course!
Julie: Yes and No - Lyon is very conservative but I suppose I still have a little of that stiffness. I like to challenge that, when I go to Lyon, it’s always fun to see people trying to catch up with the London trends.

What are your hotspots?
Reno: Kew gardens, Dalston kebab houses, Emirates stadium and my girlfriend’s bedroom!
Julie: Lyon is amazing for food. We have traditional restaurants called "Bouchon Lyonnais" where you can eat very simple delicious food with a glass of red wine. Restaurants used to be run by women in Lyon – my godmother used to run one, and I have great childhood memories of sneaking into the kitchen.

How would you describe the style where you live?
Reno: The fashion rules are blurred in London which makes people style more unpredictable and refreshing.
Julie: London is fun and very daring. People are not scared of looking stupid and sometimes they get it just right!