In the run up to the launch of Barbara Hulanicki's collection, we asked you to post your questions on Inside-Out! To celebrate the launch, here are Barbara's answers:

Hi Barbara! From the few pictures I've seen, this looks to be a really exciting original collection. I could ask lots of questions but I'll restrict myself to one! I'm curious to know how much you consciously either avoided or drew upon elements of your Biba legacy in this Topshop collaboration?

I consciously avoided it as my first brief from Topshop was to do something in the present rather than the past – vintage Biba.

This looks so great. I'm an 18 year old fan (and collector) of Biba and am really excited to be finally able to support the lady that made it all happen. It's gonna be hard not to buy the whole collection! I'd like to ask Barbara: how has your outlook changed now that, unlike twenty-odd years ago, young, cool fashions are readily available on the high street? Do you think there is more to be done to perfect the fashion industry? What do you think the future of fashion looks like? Does it look bright? Thank you, and I'm excited to hear back…!

Having lived in the tropics for the past twenty years, naturally my outlook has changed. There is an abundance of cool fashions but the time has come to start editing them. The public is confused by too much choice. Fashion does look very bright as long as women are involved in selecting the styles – there are too many men making choices for women in the industry.

Hi Barbara. Hope you are well. I am a big fan of yours and still have your clothes from the 60s including a sequinned waistcoat for my daughter who was then six months old and is now 34! Is your New Collection strictly for the young, or will there be some for your older followers? Very best wishes, June. 

Dear June, This collection has been designed for the young Topshop customer but there are great selection of tote bags, scarves and billowy blouses that you might look fantastic in!
Barbara X

Hello Barbara, I'm really curious about your new collection for Topshop. My question is: for the Biba collections you were inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victoriana. What was your inspiration for this new collection? Thank you!

It all began with my fashion illustrations which we developed into prints on floaty fabrics. The bathing suits are also forties inspired but the rest is simply girlie….bad girl or good girl, make your choice!

Hi Barbara. I'm so happy that this is happening! And about time too! Having been one of the Biba team I can't wait for the opportunity to wear your designs again – it's been too long coming! Best wishes, Carole Semaine.

Dear Carole,
Thank you so much for kind words, I am thrilled to hear from you. I hope you love the collection…
X Barbara

To find out more about Barbara’s collaboration with us, take a look at our video interview! Wish we had lived in the Biba days…