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Only a few years after graduating from Central Saint Martins, Miles Aldridge was already shooting for W, The Face and Vogue, and as the son of celebrated art director Alan Aldridge, it seems Miles was destined for an artistic life. Growing up surrounded by pop art, rock music and his father’s accomplices – including The Beatles, David Bailey and Elton John – must have been pretty damn cool.

Famous for the stupendously glossy and magnetically vibrant world he creates with his ultra-slick hyper-lit models and signature acid tones, Hamiltons’ Gallery are holding a solo exhibition for Aldridge until May 10th.

Of his luminous compositions and mysterious settings Aldridge says, ‘If the world were pretty enough, I’d shoot on location all the time. But the world is just not being designed with aesthetics as a priority. So I prefer to rebuild it instead of photographing the real one. What I’m trying to do is take something from real life and reconstruct it in a cinematic way …that’s why an hour and a half of an Michelangelo Antonioni movie is so much more interesting to me than an hour and a half of real life – because it’s condensed emotion, condensed colour, condensed light.’

The cinematic dreamlike quality of Aldridge’s paintings have drawn comparisons with some of the world’s most famous fashion photographers – including Horst, Penn and Avedon – so make sure you get down there and take a look. You’ll probably recognise a few!

Aldrdge’s latest book, Miles Aldridge: Pictures for Photographs will be out later this spring.