As a designer Vanessa da Silva has a distinctly ad-hoc organic approach to fashion. And that's precisely why we love her! Dedicated to dreaming-up and drawing beautiful things, her collections come about as she translates images from her vivid imagination into highly graphic illustrations.
Growing up in the hectic city of Sao Paulo and moving to London in 2001 where she enrolled at Central Saint Martins, Vanessa's designs radiate colour and energy. And from looking at her first capsule collection for us, it seems there are no limits to what she envisions. It's been inspired by "a jungle goes shopping" theme!
Made up of oversized vests and circle tees which feature Vanessa's quirky hand drawn illustrations – including camels in lipstick – it's never been cooler to love the zoo!
Charlotte Henson, the buyer who has worked with Vanessa shares one of the funny moments that came about when the two were working on Vanessa's collection:

"So having worked with Vanessa for a while I started to loose context of what was "normal" – camels in lipstick, tigers playing footy. The pair of us just got so excited about the ideas of monkeys, carrying handbags of course. It sounded good to us, looked good on paper but then the sample turned up and the looks on peoples' faces in the office said it all! Too scary – the little monkey had to be banished – although I think he managed to creep back on the swing tag design."

Don't worry – Vanessa's flamingos and camels are much cuter!