It's not every day you find yourself getting excited for a series of intimate gigs across your favourite hang outs in East London, but with Stag & Dagger, that's exactly what we got!

Dodging the crowd in heels at a fast speed proved rather tricky – it was impossible to see all the acts that we wanted to, but our pick of our favourites started with Phantom who were playing at Café 1001. They kick started our night surrounded by a sea of balloons and their music was great and a definite must see if you ever get the chance!

Next up were We Have Band. They have already firmly marked their place on the festival line-up and now we know why! When a band has a hot front girl, in an all in one tight black playsuit and painted on eyelashes, it’s hard not to take your eyes off the stage. Their hit 'OH' got the crowd dancing and by the end of it, everyone left in a sweaty mess. But that didn’t stop us, a quick reapply of make up and off we went to see the secret Jack Penate set, where in an intimate gig hall we had front row seats.

Style wise, there were loads of vintage treasures from old leather jackets to 90s style high waist Levis. Topshop was high up there too with loads of girls sporting our bodycon skirts and cutesy floral dresses toughened up with leather jackets and plimsoles. We even spotted a couple of guys in our ultra skinny Pippa jeans!!

As soon as we arrived at Jack's gig, and found Adele on one side and Mathew Horne to the other, it was a given we were in for a night to remember. And when Florence and The Machine arrived for a surprise performance with a herd of intriguing characters, things got even more exciting.

But as soon as Jack arrived, greeting his band mates with a slap on the back and looking ultra cool, the atmosphere turned electric. And as more and more people arrived, we ventured straight to the front… the best way to end the night and couldn’t help but get drawn in by Jack's energy! No wonder he and his band are getting such recognition.

Stag & Dagger has such a great way of making the unknown become the known, and we can't until next year… next time round, we think we'll remember to wear our flats though!