Last night we went down to the Electric Blue Gallery on Middlesex Street for a peek at their latest exhibition, Cocoon by Hellovon. With the artist's clients ranging from Liberty to GQ and Nike, there was a pretty interesting mix of people down there.

This little gallery is a great addition to the East End. Directors Jessica and Olivier had turned their space into summer getaway for the evening with wine, a grass floor, and a scooter to boot.

Von's pictures need to be seen up close – their intricate and precise handiwork makes his simple use of mixed media come alive. So if you're around the old Petticoat Lane area, make sure you get down there – there's something modest about Von's work that is beautiful and makes you want to take a closer look!

And while you're there, there's a tiny black lacquer salon in the back where Olivier will give you a cut, colour, or both if you'd like!