I've spent the weekend in Bristol and Nottingham at the Dot-to-Dot Festival …the weather was lovely and the local Indie scene were out in full force, so Topshop asked me to go round snapping the best dressed – I did my best, although think some of the outfits are up for debate!


One thing there was an overload of this weekend were 80s vintage looking floral print dresses, some of which verged on being a bit mumsie for my liking, but I thought this girl's was great! She injected some youth into her look with the length and shape of the dress, coupled with a washed-out denim waistcoat and chunky gold chain – my fav.


This guy was my second fav, probably coz I'm a right sucker for anything a bit tie dye / psychedelic / fantasy. Full points for having the guts to pull this one off …nice and summery. Love the gold laces on the trainers too!


I'm still not convinced by the current East London boy trend of trying to look like you have a house in the country, but I think our Dan pulls off this tan Barbour brilliantly.


We had a few bus invasions after the gig – hot girls after my sexy band mates a usual – where I saw lots of cheques and plaid. I love how summery and fun the colours were on this one – with the cute denim jacket and Love necklace. Great hair too! Now get off our bus…


I'm totally obsessed with sequins, so had to snap this girl. I think I have the same skirt in pink maybe? Actually no …I think its a boob tube worn as a skirt, extra points for reinvention. Love the headband.


Is that a vintage Viv Westwood handbag I spy? I hope so. Love the mix of vintage and modern …and these girls just look so damn cute!

8Couldn't decide if this Wild Adventures t-shirt was genius or disaster but in retrospect have decided on genius …although judging by his facial expression, maybe he was also having second thoughts?


These girls were too cool to stand up, but I really like the pink blazer on the left with the red lipstick and the hair on the girl in the middle – pretty awesome, although looks like you couldn't really do it in a hurry!


Another case of genius or disaster …this time I think I'm gonna go with just plain disturbing, but its our friend Dennis so I'm allowed to say that!


And if all else fails …take a leaf out of these guys' book.

Can't believe I even attempted to write about fashion for five minutes, I have no idea what I'm talking about but thank you for reading. Although personally I would never trust someone who uses an inflatable unicorn as a fashion accessory…12

Boots x

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