If you haven't heard the hype surrounding the new Banksy expo – where have you been?!

The infamous graffiti artist is showcasing his work in his home town so we asked one of the Style Advisor's from our Bristol store to check it out: 

We were so excited to hear about Banksy’s exhibition at the Bristol City Museum, we had to get down there!

Previously wanted for vandalism by Bristol’s police and Council, Banksy's exhibition opened on June 13th in a shroud of secrecy (even museum bosses didn't know it was happening until opening day!)

Banksy is as witty, provocative and subversive as ever! From animatronics (there's a policeman in riot gear furiously riding a carousel horse), installations (a rabbit in a cage wearing pearls and putting on make-up), to his more recognisable stencil-style graffiti, there's plenty of food for thought at his latest exhibition!

Our favourite piece had to be a reworked Venus de Milo, dessed in a Grecian gown and updated sartorially with essential accessories – oversized sunnies and handfulls of shopping bags! Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, in plaster anyone?

Open until August 31st, this is a must see. Expect queues at the weekend but during weekdays you should be in within ½ hour! Whatever the queue, we promise it's worth the wait…