Hi everyone, so here is a little report from Sonar where I've been all weekend. I have to say it's almost definitely the best festival I've ever been to – everything's clean, everything works, everyone can get everywhere they want etc etc! Basically this is how festivals SHOULD be.

I've managed to lose most of the bits of my camera so here's a kind of photo diary thingy cobbled together from various phones etc. of what I got up to…


Here's a girl I took a picture of coz I thought she looked like Carrie from Sex and the City. Sorry no real reasoning behind that one!


This is part one of many shorts & socks combos sighted. The fake grass is in the backstage area where they had kind of a house in a tent on astro turf – interesting concept.


We went to watch some bands at Sonar by day… this is me watching La Roux and gradually turning pretty roux in the spanish sunshine. I'm such a Brit abroad!


Then we went to do sound check. This is my band deliberating whether they could get away with double denim shorts and shirts combos on stage. We decided, er no.


This was the stage we played, massive! Big TVs each side and loads of crazy lights… wish I had more pics of this!


Ok here's a pic I've 'borrowed' from somewhere on the net of the gig… love my Ashish sequin dress! Late Of The Pier were on after us, plus there was a semi naked man riding around backstage on a white horse?! I wish I had a pic… honestly I wasn't hallucinating!


After the show everything got a bit crazy… we went on the dodgems – fun!


Watched Heartbreak – check them out – they are amazing my fav new band. Dark italo disco dungeon music!


Then we partied on to Erol Alkan's awesome disco 3000 set and a bit of James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem


This is Lauren's epic Cinderella t-shirt.  The rest is all a bit of a blur…


Next day I wanted to get a bit arty so we went to the centre for culture where they had special sound/ art/ installation/ experiment type things. This one makes images and sound based on your physcial movement… the second bump is me!!


Then I went to the demo of something called Reactable which is a new electronic instrument used by people like Bjork… I've wanted to see one for ages so finally got round to it, I SO want one! How space age does it look? Like the future in front of you.

Then I ran out of battery! But I went to see Fever Ray that night which was the most inspiring gig of the weekend – loads of lasers and crazy voodoo costumes – it was seriously incredible. Then we watched Crystal Castles but the sound was terrible so at the end Alice trashed the drums and tried to sock the sound guy… all hell broke out… watch it on Youtube!! Crazy end to the weekend!!

Ok that's all… au revoir… sorry I'm in Paris… bye!


Little Boots debut album is now out! And for everyone who didn't manage to get down to Glastonbury, today, you'll be able to catch Little Boots on the box over the weekend.