With Emma Cook's capsule collection set to land today, we asked her to show us round her studio. Anyone else after a Clarke's & Anchor's thread box: Just imagine it filled with accessories!

My studio's in Dalston and I love it because I share the floor with my friends Peter Jensen (fashion designer) and Shona Heath (set designer). Me and Shona used to share a studio space, but her props got out of hand so she's now in the room next door! My studio is really cluttered as we have been here for 8 years and done 16 shows out of this room! It's nice to have Peter next door, we share the same stresses and we help each other out. The ceramic head with the flowers painted on it is one of my favourite things – Shona gave it to me and I really love it. The perfume bottles are part of a collection of vintage AVON bottles that I have and the white painted lady with the drawings on the head is a mannequin that my friend Julie Verhoeven gave to me.