We've found the perfect antidote to shorter days and longer nights, in the shape of brilliant new rom-com (500) Days of Summer.  Starring our favourite girl-crush, Zooey Deschanel, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (that's Tommy from 3rd Rock From the Sun to you and me) this Marc Webb directed film has 95 minutes of everything that summer's about. Expect to find loves, laughs and reckless abandon and a chance to pander to your girly side!

We've fallen in love all over again with Zooey's massive fringe and are already pining for the time when all we needed was a maxi dress to see us through a day. So, with winter already knocking at our doors, we're happy to indulge in a spot of summer escapism, especially when it comes in such a delightfully witty package as this!

It hit cinemas yesterday so grab some friends, grab some sweets and settle back for an old fashion love-fest! Watch the trailer here.