With Emma Cook's iconic creeper boots set to land tomorrow, we asked the designer to open up her wardrobe and show us her collection of shoes. Here, she tells us about her new boots for AW09 and why she loves designing them! All we can say is get shopping quick – after the stir her last range caused among the fashion pack, we don't think these will be around for long!
EC-shoes=ours Emma Cook boots for Topshop available from September 2nd.

The designs are really a move on from the AW08 boot that was such an amazing success. We could have sold those boots about 100 times over. It seemed that almost every cool celebrity owned pair. Someone told me that at one point they were selling for £1,000 on Ebay!!!!

For the new season we've done 2 different styles. Both a very similar shape to the first style but with a big chunky crepe wedge rather than a heel, making them even more comfy than the first pair and also moving them on a bit. The first style is very rockabilly brothel creeper in printed pony-skins while the second style is more of a "shoe" than a boot and is a bit "Mr Man".

I love designing shoes – it's my favourite bit as I totally just design exactly what shoes I want for myself!