As regular players of the game 'What’s your favourite…', we were pretty excited to hear about the forthcoming exhibition from London’s House of Illustration. Based on a Victorian parlour game, What Are You Like? asks public figures to compose a visual representation illustrating eight things personal to them.  Selected from a list of twelve, these could be their favourite animal, book, item of clothing, comfort, food, pastime, place, possession, music, shoes, weather or pet hate.

Everybody from Jack Penate to Eric Clapton has contributed, with a sprinkling of Margaret Howells and Paul Smiths in between and a veritable who's who of the illustrating and cartoonist world. The results are charming and individual, not to mention a sneaky peek into the minds of the creative great and good! 

Head down to Suffolk's Wingfield Barns between the 4th and 30th September and play the game for yourself!


All illustrations from House of Illustration exhibition.