Trust Fun, Jonathan Zawada and Shane Sakkeus have a hell of a lot of experience under their belts in the art, fashion, and design worlds. Working as a team and based out of Sydney, their skill set extends beyond business cards, web lay-outs and accepting awards at Australian industry events! Under the umbrella of Trust Fun their talents have been employed to an extremely varied clientele, from record labels such as Modular Recordings, to major print publications like V Magazine or Dazed & Confused.

Recently snagging the joint title of Online Creative Directors for POP magazine, their creative repertoire is difficult to pen down; their one-of-a-kind digitally printed scarves have sold out within days at some of the worlds most exclusive luxury boutiques; their fanzine Petit Mal is the epitome of cool and loved by the style set; and their original concept is the toast of the blogosphere!

So we’ve teamed up with the boys to bring you weekly blog posts on Inside-Out! Here’s their first one, inspired by the amazing prints shown at London Fashion Week 


Petit Mal_ 

London Fashion Week's artists known for their prints: from left, Shoulder: Mary Katrantzou, Face and Neck: Basso and Brooke, Collar: Josh Goot, Shoulder: Topshop Unique.