Do you ever have one of those moments, usually when you’re walking down a busy street, where you smile to yourself and think ‘Hey, life’s pretty good?’  Well that’s the sort of feeling that the people behind You Are Beautiful are after.

Through creating installations bearing their message in all kinds of public places, they aim to create positive moments of self-realisation in the humdrum of day-to-day life. They’ve collaborated with other designers, have put the words You Are Beautiful into exhibitions all over the world and upon request, they even send out free stickers emblazoned with their three-word motto in the hope that they’ll give somebody a little lift in an otherwise normal day.

The sentiment behind You Are Beautiful is so lovely that it makes us want to give them a hug. Even looking at their website made us feel uplifted, and anything that can do that first thing in the morning gets our vote every time!