In such chilly weather, what could be better than a pair of earmuffs? And not just any earmuffs – these luxury ones from Little Fille! As the lovely Mari Santos – who makes each piece by hand puts it – "think Blair Waldorf on an ice skating date; velvet, rope and rhinestones."


If you're a Gossip Girl fan, chances are that you'll have a penchant for headbands too! Well you're in luck – Mari makes gorgeous ones too. And the best thing about her unique handmade designs? They can be worn in more ways than one. 

Take the red zip and bow two way band – you can wear the zip open or closed, or flip it bow-side-up for a sweeter, girly look. We’ll take two please!

Freelance fashion writer, turned headband designer, turned model – yes that’s Mari in these super cute pictures – we can’t wait to see what comes next! After seeing these rings, we’re hoping a jewellery line is on the way. Follow her blog to stay in the know … we will be.