You may know Band of Outsiders as the Californian prep haven with fans like Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Jason Schwartzman ( all three of whom have appeared in previous BOO look books), shot on Polaroid by designer Scott Sternberg, a former Hollywood agent who finally quit his job in Entourage land to make the perfect plaid shirt.

But after last night at Milk Studios, you might know Band of Outsiders as "the people who brought a vintage Saab and a motorboat INSIDE for their Fashion Show." Since the collection was inspired by hipster camping trips, there were girls and boys sprawled everywhere with skis, coolers, binoculars, and sleeping bags.

Every kid wore a pair of stylized soccer cleets, and while some had the easy job of lounging in the car or boat, a few choice models were put to work by hanging from giant chandeliers on the ceiling. Wow! Fromflared check pants to super chunky cardigans, paisley print dresses and curdory’s, we wish we we’re part of in the Band Of Ousiders' gang!

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