We'd just like to say here and now that we love Hobo Gestapo. This group of photographers moved from Sydney to New York and set about capturing the nightlife scene in their own inimitable way - under  cloaked pseudonyms and with witty titles! Although we love their more tongue-in-cheek work, our favourite pictures have to be those that have a more nostalgic feel. 

As the photographers involved snap the moments that often pass us by unoticed, they capture some truly beautiful moments. Rigorous editing and generally enviable talent means that each of their online galleries unearths a mini-treasure-trove of gorgeous visuals that we can't get enough of! Take a minute to meander through their world – we're sure you'll end up checking back time and time again.

Deckland1 Photos by Deckland

Lady-Fairfax Photo by Lady Fairfax