Hello from Erin Wasson's RVCA show! It's at ABC Carpet and Home, a massive furniture store in NYC where fashion editors and a few celebs – hello, Jared Leto! – are sprawled on giant rugs that serve as the front row.


Known for her fierce sense of style - yes, as well as her looks - Erin's collection was full of bits and bobs that we can definitely see the uber cool crowd she hangs out with wanting to wear.

There were lots of influences in there; a black turtleneck maxi teamed with a beanie oozed 90s grunge, while velvet patch work jackets screamed 70s luxe and the odd beret here and there nodded to Parisian chic.

If you’re a fan of super chic Erin, she’ll be in our London flagship (Oxford Circus) doing customization workshops with TOMS on Sun 21st, 12 - 6pm and Mon 22nd, 12 - 7pm. See you there!

And to finish off! Here’s a Pop Quiz:

Joe - Erin Wasson show

What is ELLE creative director Joe Zee, left, doing in this photo with popstrel Ke$ha?

a)  Meditating to calm himself from her intense glitter makeup.

b) Wishing if he rubs his Blackberry like a genie lamp, she'll turn into Lady Gaga.

c)  Clicking his heels three times, saying "please let me go home!"