For AW10, our in-house design team took us on a trip to the great outdoors with a leaf strewn runway and a collection inspired by a trip to the woods.

With the Brownie motto 'Be Prepared' in mind, outerwear had a protective, functional, yet totally irresistible feel. Battered leather parkas, oversized duffle coats, and trenches with reversed sheepskin linings came in mossy shades and looked like they’d been designed to defend you against the elements.

The sumptuous faux fur teddy bear coat that was reminiscent of a grizzly bear had the photographers’ in a snapping frenzy and is sure to be on everybody's new season wish list! Layered over berry coloured corduroy tailoring, dark checks, and woolen military-esque box jackets and high-waist shorts, this was not your usual country girl look!

In true Topshop style, the whole collection had an infectious, wildly fun feel. Girl Guide inspired award badges had been stitched onto army-style pencil skirts, while old- fashioned pyjama-esqe striped cotton trousers and shirts continued the idea of a camping trip in the wilderness. Some pieces even had girls' names stitched into them, should you forget what your mum packed in your backpack!

Offsetting the utility, outdoors feel of the collection, intricate prints had been influenced by woodland creatures and came down the catwalk on soft chiffon blouses and floaty dresses. With handcrafted crochet and lace panels, these lighter pieces had a magical, ethereal feel that bought a fantasy world of nymphs and fairies to mind. 

Mushrooms, clovers and twigs were scattered across jersey vests while wolves, rabbits, deers and owls hid in the intricate, woodland prints that covered micro mini prom style dresses and floaty full length numbers. Throughout the show, these beautifully wild creatures stood out in all their full glory in the headdresses designed by Emma Cook. 

Styled alongside chunky woolen scarves, paw-like mittens and cable knit thigh high socks by our super-stylist, Katie Grand, you better be careful you don't attract the big bad wolf! We all know that that didn't go so well for Little Miss Riding Hood!

Adding to the mix, old-school binoculars and torches had been turned into charms and hung off belts with release buckles as well as sheepskin bags, while shoe boots were adorned with tufts of sheepskin. Canvas and leather lace-up boots were sturdy and had detachable mini pouches should you need to keep your belongings close. 

For the Topshop Unique girl, that would be the compact survival kit that was given out on the front row. With a letter opener, scissors, a pin, pen, tweezers, magnifying glass, a selection of screw drivers, led and a ruler, it contains everything you could need for Fashion Week survival!

Now all we need to do is get our make-up artist, Hannah Murray, to teach us how to make our brows look so damn cute and tufty!