Despite the early start and heavy rain, Richard Nicoll’s front row was filled with all the right people. And boy, were they clapping at the end! Everyone felt the same – it was an incredibly chic, yet totally wearable collection.

From the first look to the very last, every piece had a luxurious, yet bohemian feel that cool Parisian girls like Charlotte Gainsbourg (it was her first single, Trick Pony, playing over the speakers), will be wearing come next winter.


What inspired the luche ease and tongue-in-cheek glamour of Nicoll's latest collection was the designers' very own wardrobe. Through deconstructing and reconstructing his favourite pieces into women's garments, he managed to create a look that felt new, yet totally relevant.

Starting off with a mix of monochrome checks and chic grey suiting, apart from the bohemian soundtrack, there was no clue that this would turn into a collection defined by drapes, long hems and pleated details.

As well as the designers’ easy, 70s inspired silhouette, it was his choice of fabrics and colours that made this collection such a hit. Moiré taffeta and velvet in rust and petrol blue gave Nicolls' easy sportswear shapes a new sensibility.

Friend and artist, Linder Sterling, also helped Nicoll make a ultra chic statement with her prints inspired by the designers’ imaginary muse. As they both know, what you need to be chic next season is a slick bun and red lips!