After skipping a season at London Fashion Week, there was plenty of excitement for Ann-Sofie Back's AW10 show.

And as her avatars – the models had white faces, slicked back hair, talon style nails and futuristic sunglasses – strode down the catwalk in drapey gorgette skirts, muscle devore printed jersey, jeans with muscle detailing and shredded bouclé jackets – you could sense that she’d been inspired by a virtual world.

Backstage, the designer explained that her collection had been influenced by the online game phenomenon 'Second Life' in which people take on electronic alter egos. What the designer found so fascinating about it was that in a world of endless possibilities, most people had bought the walk of Angelina Jolie, an airbrushed complexion, a tiny dog, and fake boobs for their avatar.

So for her collection, she decided to mirror society's obsession with looking like 'Page 3 models', or a jaded reality TV star and sent motifs such as 'Next Top Model' and 'Boobs' down the catwalk. With lots of tulle in the collection, there were also plenty of nipples and g-strings on show! At a Back show, you always know there's going to be a great story behind the collection and that's why we love her!