There's always a buzz around the office about hot new bands, and somebody's usually got an infectious tune stuck in all of our heads by lunch time, so here's a little list of bands we love to love right now:

Le Corps Mince de Fracoise The Skinny Body of Francoise, as they’d be called over here, are a Finnish trio of cooler-than-cool girls producing fast, upbeat electro pop and taking the world by storm. Check out their brilliant tracks Rayban Glasses and Pollution and go crazy for the way they make girls sound so much better than boys.


Lone Lady

It has been called ‘bad-mood music’. It is plaintive and raw and you can almost tell that it was produced in a former-mill-turned-studio somewhere up North. Hailing from Manchester, Julie Campbell played in bands for a few years before deciding to go it alone, and we’re glad she did – we can’t get enough!


Beth Jeans Houghton

Fantastical, beautiful and wonderfully weird, life with Beth Jeans Houghton is like a sumptuous fairytale.  Another Northerner – this time from Newcastle – she has an unbelievably great voice and a style of music that’s as individual as it is instantly loveable. We especially adore the name of her first EP: The Hot Toast Volume One.


John and Jehn

Gigs with Chanel and a fiercely loyal following are just two of the reasons why we love this French duo. Another reason is that they’re such a cute couple and that they make really, really beautiful music. Their vocals mixing together on Oh My Love is enough to give us tingles all over!