When you think of the jet-set 1970s, you think of silky hair, flowing fabrics and the sort of laid-back luxe that we're all loving for spring. In the midst of all this, and the driving force behind so many of that era’s defining trends, was one of the first ever celebrity designers – Roy Halston Frowick (that’s Halston to you and me).

His famous following included the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli and Candice Bergen, all of whom could often be found at his salon, supping red wine and gossiping about the industry. He was the man responsible for Jackie Kennedy’s infamous pillbox hat, and was one of the key features of the iconic Studio 54. So it’s with some excitement that we heard about the forthcoming film documenting his life and achievements – Ultrasuede: in Search of Halston.

Premiering on April 30th at the Tribeca Film Festival, this hotly anticipated piece of cinema talks to friends of the late, great designer to get the low-down on his personality, his accomplishments and his legacy. Watch out for US Vogue hero André Leon Talley, the gorgeous Angelica Huston and his close friend Diane von Furtenberg.

We’re super-excited about seeing so many fashion bigwigs on one screen, and totally prepared to fall in love with the charmed life of Halston and his Halstonettes!