Last weekend we boarded a train out of London and beat the crowds to Brighton for a stroll along the pier and a bag of fish and chips. While there we chanced upon The Brighton Freakshow and came back to the office with heads full of images we just had to show you!


Mega Munden and Johnny McCulloch curate the exhibition, which runs throughout May and takes in the very best of the surrounding area’s illustrative talent. Artists are invited to St Peter’s Church to showcase their work which all runs along a freakshow theme. In fact, everything there adheres to strict freakish guidelines – from the daringly decorated scary clown cup cakes to the amazing art works themselves. There were screen prints and sketches and an unbelievable amount of talent on show. Everything hanging on the walls was for sale and it was all we could do to keep our purses in our pockets! We love Hello Marine’s tattooed lady and got the hots for Velvet Spectrum's scarlet-lipped siren. The best thing about Freakshow is that it’s on every Saturday from 10am to 4pm! Check out this video of Ollie and Johnny talking about the ideas behind the exhibition and then go have a look for yourselves tomorrow – it's a great way to spend an afternoon and take in some culture.

Pics2 All images courtesy of Photography Lex Kembery and Jonas Valtysson.

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