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We can promise you one thing – Gaggle will be unlike anything you’ve heard, or any group you’ve seen before. You need to catch the 20 strong, all-female extraordinary choir live to understand what we mean. Yes, they sound great on their MySpace page, but it’s the theatricality of their performance as well as their voices that’s making them a new force to be reckoned with on London’s music scene.

To get the inside scoop, we caught up with Honey Gaggle (real name Angela Maria Platt) and Schwa – the creators of the label SCHWANGE! Not only are they a part of Gaggle’s amazing vocal repertoire but they also design and make the groups extraordinary technicolour costumes.

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Tell us a bit about how you got started in the music biz?
A: I’ve always studied fashion but loved music. I met Coughlin in a pub and she asked me if I wanted to join a new music project she was starting because she thought I was loud.
S: From hanging out in the George Tavern we both joined gaggle and now we make their outfits. To me music and performance is the best way of expressing creativity so making outfits for performers is perfect for SCHWANGE.

How would you describe Gaggle?
Gaggle is a powerful collective, who are a force to be reckoned with musically and creatively. I think our music is hard to describe as it’s not really like anything else. Check it out for yourself and you’ll understand.

If you had to name a few, who would you say were your biggest influences?
S: Always changes but always my family and Ange, and people I fall in love withA: Courtney Love, Vivienne Westwood, my family and Schwa.

Where do you find inspiration?

A: Old things – videos, stories, films, cities, dreams and songs.
S: I find my inspiration from characters mainly in the local pub – amazing women, face shapes, thought patterns and performers on and off stage.

What’s your most treasured possession?

S. Rosary beads given to me by my grandmother.
A: My fur coats.

Sum up your style in three words …


What are your plans for the summer?
A: Festivals! We’re playing Reading and Leeds, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, The Big Chill and Vintage at Goodwood. We really wanted to play Glastonbury but they wouldn’t give us enough tickets for us to go! We’ll be working on new gaggle outfits but cant tell you about them yet its top secret!

Do you have any party tricks?
Schwa and Honey have lots of party tricks! You can sample them at our club night Freaks!

What’s your SS10 must-have wardrobe staple?

A: A veil

What was the last thing you bought from Topshop?

Tights, we always need a lot of tights for gigs.

Where’s the best place in the world?

A: Home, or second best. tropical beaches.

And your favourite London hotspots?

A: We co-run a night at The George Tavern in Whitechapel called Freaks! And the river.
S: I agree, we both love the river and Freaking. I agree, we both love the river and Freaking! After reading that, we’re sure you’re dying to go to one of their gigs! It’s at Bush Hall and set to be a sell out so be sure to get your tickets