We’ve been keeping in touch with anti-folk duo Peggy Sue as they take their music on a global tour. They recently played at annual festival Dot to Dot and sent us an update – check out what they got up to!

We are in the middle of a never-ending tour so it was nice to head back to Dot to Dot festival and see some familiar sights and familiar faces!

The first day was in Bristol and our dear friend Derek Meins aka The Agitator greeted us with his preacher/old soul singer performance. It’s just him on the mic screaming and shouting and Rob Dylan Thomas on drums hitting things really loud. Its pretty amazing stuff and they always look dapper. Here’s Derek rocking the braces.

We went for a wander and spotted these three hanging out outside one of the venues. Katy is a bit of a sucker for black clothes and we were impressed the variation of tones they managed to achieve between the three of them.


Here is our friend Funtime-Bobby. There was a startling amount of baseball caps – Bobby was the best at wearing his backwards. The guitarist from Liars was the best at wearing his forwards.


We saw this row of colourful houses which reminded us of our old hometown Brighton.


In the evening we went to one of our favourite venues in the world – The Louisiana – and watched Lissie and then Villagers. Lissie was wearing a now infamous t-shirt from Brudenell Social Club, which is an amazing venue in Leeds. Villagers was probably our favourite show of the whole weekend. Very, very excellent!


The next day we moved onto Nottingham and saw these ladies hanging out having a bit of a barbecue…

Long and short

…and also these colour-coordinated boys.


Also we loved this girl’s really cool dress.


We went to watch our friends Blood Red Shoes and saw these shoes. That night we watched Beach House who were beautiful and a bit terrifying. Couldn’t get over our star-struck-ness in time to ask Victoria for a picture, but did get one of this chap in his great big checked hoodie, with impressive hair angles!


Then we watched Los Campensinos! Gareth – the singer – is the only person we’ve ever seen look intimidatingly cool in a football shirt.


Later we watched a late night show by Yuck, which was brilliant. The bassist had one of those immaculate fringes that I’m really jealous of, and the singer was wearing double denim.


Bank holiday Monday we went onto Manchester. We played at the Deaf Institute there, which is Manchester’s best venue mainly because it has Dolly Parton wallpaper on the toilet walls and it has a beautiful stage. This is Fol Chen playing there before us.

Fol chen

Later we saw these two looking beautifully awkward. We asked what band they were in and the boy was in Egyptian Hip Hop so we went to watch them and found ourselves in a room full of beautiful awkward young people. The band was a sort of electro grunge dream and the bassist was wearing the best t-shirt we’ve ever seen.


All in all a roaring success!

Over and out,

Peggy Sue