Last night we took ourselves off to Camden for Proud Gallery’s second birthday, and had an absolute blast! A hot mishmash of bar, art space and live music (all fit perfectly into converted stables), it's one of our favourite places to visit in Camden.

The night kicked off with yummy cocktails, while we had a little dance to brilliant new indie band SWIMMInG who played a great set and got the party started. We caught up with their drummer afterwards, who just happens to be a world-class beatboxer on the side, and he blew us away with a live demonstration, Petebox style!

Next up it was Tennessee born singer and songwriter Lauren Pritchard. Her beautiful, soulful voice filled the room and the crowd collectively fell in love a little bit. We had massive jeans envy and couldn't help noticing her lust-worthy Westwood platforms hiding beneath the keyboard. The highlight of her performance had to be singing along to TLC's Waterfalls – we love that she rapped the middle bits and actually pulled it off!


We wandered along the cobbled floor and past the private booths, passing the Horse Play Arts Club girls, who let us have one of their mega-cute pin the tail on the donkey posters. That's our weekend's entertainment sorted!



Then it was outside for a breather, where we ran headlong into bucket-loads of incredible style! We love love love this girl's leather skirt and African-inspired necklace – so perfect for a summer night.


And we just had to snap a picture of this gorgeous print teamed with that vibrant pink lipstick! Extra style points for the cute ankle socks and desert boots.


These girls had tassels and ties down to a tee – we've never seen those Topshop hotpants look so good!


Shortly afterwards everybody was ushered back inside for the jewel in the celebratory crown – a burlesque performance by the inimitable vintage showgirl, Miss Banbury Cross. After her performance we tracked her down for a chat about her awesome sense of style and caught her on camera for your delectation. Apparently her hair had to be in rollers for about nine hours! We think it was totally worth it and are dying to recreate her red glittered lips.


We ran into the evening's compere and one of our all-time favourite people Jarvis Cocker, who gave us a little wave in between MCing, and got a little bit star-struck when Amy Winehouse made a surprise performance on stage with Professor Green as one of his backing singers. Talk about a treat!



Altogether a brilliant evening – all we regret is that we didn’t think to bring along our own hobby horse like this girl. Maybe next time!