There are a few musical crushes going around Topshop at present! We're discovering a whole host of aural talent that's perfect for a delectable summer playlist. Here are the boys topping our office charts right now…

USE copy


We've had Darwin Deez' Radar Detector pretty much on repeat for the last few weeks and we're still not bored! His beyond-cute lyrics, mental curls and brilliant dancing have got us completely hooked and we're desperate to spend a day in his brightly coloured world. He met his band while waiting tables in a vegan restaurant in his hometown New York, plays all his songs on a four-string electric guitar that he tuned himself, and is an instant hit with all the girls at HQ!


Listen to Sam Sallon and try not fall just a little bit in love. We adore the clear, world-wise quality his voice has and the running themes that permeate each song. Although he plays the keyboard, the trumpet, the piano and bass, on stage it’s just him, his acoustic guitar and his rather natty fashion sense. He cites Michael Bolton, Clannad and Mickey Mouse as his influences and is on our summer playlist for wistful afternoon walks and lingering warm evenings.


We caught wind of this Liverpuddlian foursome at a charity event and instantly fell in love with their fresh sound and accomplished musicality. After a year spent tirelessly traversing the gig circuit all over the UK, their debut EP This is what Happens when you Whisper Through a Magaphone is due for release. Expect to hear a mishmash of Incubus, MGMT, The Killers and Muse, tied up with their own, bouncy, boyish charm.


They're not from anywhere near Stornoway, are into bird watching and neuropathology, and make songs with a sort of shabby-chic authority that we've not quite heard before. Our favourite one, I Saw You Blink, has been on heavy rotation in the office for a few weeks – we love the dramatic backing vocals and the quasi-folk intonation, not to mention the way it gets our toes a-tapping! We'll definitely be checking them out at this year's Bestival.