Earlier in the week we caught wind of LA band Chief and were instantly smitten! They hail from the West Coast, but got together in New York and have a mellow, catchy, rock-and-rolly way about them that we can’t get enough of. Their album Modern Rituals is due to drop on September 17th, so we tracked them down and caught up with Evan, Danny, Michael and Mike after a brilliant gig at The Social in London.

How're you finding London?

London's great! It's a home away from home. We've been over here every summer for the last three years and will be back in August to do Reading and Leeds festivals. London has grown on us though. At the beginning it's so big and hard to manoeuvre!

What are your favourite London hotspots?

The Portobello Gold; that's our pub. We came across it by chance and now have many friends there. We really rely on friends of ours to show us a good time.

What's your proudest moment to date?

Completely finishing our album. You know, we don't have anything left to do. We were working on it for months – a really long time.

What's your most treasured possession?

We love the Coos Bay, which is the trailer that we drive around America.

Coos Bay?

It's a little town in Oregon…  Actually, this is probably my most treasured possession – this is my grandfather's hat.

Sum up your style in three words

Gutter beard party…  or hand-me-down!

What's the best place in the world?

The best place in the world is this bench in Montmartre…

What happens on the bench?

Nothing! Actually, there's a cliff that overlooks Kaanapali Beach, in Maui. Our family would jump off… it's a tradition.

Who's better, Superman or Spiderman?

Spiderman… or Superman… We like the Green Lantern the most.

What was the last thing you bought from Topshop?

A jacket from Topman in Scotland.

Complete this sentence: The very best feeling in the world is…

Playing a show. It feels pretty good up there.