I had a GREAT time at Glastonbury! My 1st time performing but 3rd time as a punter! It was scorching hot… think I got a little sun burnt! Got to check out some cool bands like The National, Biffy Clyro, Mid-lake, and Muse! Check out some of my pics I took while at Glasto.


So we arrived at Glastonbury 40! Thought this was a cool sign so took a picture. Would have been cool to take one up close but it was a busy day and thought this would do!

Our campsite just behind "The Park" stage where I played my very first Glastonbury set – really enjoyed it and the crowd were great! It was a nice campsite right on a hill overlooking Glasto, great spot I think."

Loads of people at Glasto this year as usual! Great atmosphere, vibe and think the sun helped too!


So we hit the stage at the Orange mobile Chill'n'Charge tent! Was a nice performance the crowd were really supportive too. Looked like everyone enjoyed it…I definitely did!"


My mate Liam Bailey joined us on stage for a cover of 'Fleetwood Mac's – The Chain'…Look out for him! He is a KILLER artist/vocalist! Check him out.

Got to see Muse on the pyramid stage! They were GREAT! Enjoyed it…

G7 Glastonbury done for another year…got to see Stonehenge on the way home! So got a quick shot!

Coco x