So this is it! With only four weeks to go until our Unique SS11 collection hits the catwalk at London Fashion Week, the design team at Topshop HQ are giving you a true glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in the run up to our show. 

Everyone always asks how it's done? Well now you can enjoy a sneak peak of how we put our catwalk collections together. We've got to keep certain things under-wraps and TOP SECRET of course – or it won't be a surprise come show day! But from now on, each week, we'll be bringing you a run-down of what we're up to.


We started preparing five months ago, and now it's all action, action, action with only weeks to go! The cloth is arriving and is currently being cut and shaped into garments. Things are finally taking shape and we’re excited and nervous all at the same time.

Our days are spent fitting toiles on the models, double checking everything is correct before cutting the actual cloth and crossing our fingers that it looks as amazing as we’d envisioned – there’s no going back now!

It's not at all glamorous at this stage. A lot of planning and working out goes on; everything has to be in place before anything can be made. As you can imagine, there are a lot of debates. We're at one of the most nail biting stages – will everything be here on time? No cloth – no clothes! 

Check back next week to see how we're getting along…