We caught up with the lovely Tommy Ton who's been down at the Topshop show space shooting Fashion Week's best dressed exclusively for us! The man behind the style sets favourite blog, Jak & Jil, tells us a few things about what makes him take a snap. 

The thing that makes a stylish person is ease and confidence. Without either, you won't feel comfortable in your own skin and that makes for a very unstylish person.

The most stylish person I know is my friend Tara Vasev. She's moving to London to go to business school actually. Maybe London will influence her style but I think it's perfect the way it is.  

One should never wear too much of a good thing. It may backfire on you!
I can't live without fashion of course. It's my passion and the driving force in my life! 

Nobody knows it but I pretty much spend all of time fixating about fashion.

My earliest fashion memory is a clipping of Linda Evangelista on my sister's wall of her in a Chanel show wearing a sea foam green wig.
The most stylish city in Europe is London of course. There's just so much eclectic style here.

The camera I use is a Nikon D5000 because it's the camera I've always been familiar with and it's the most easy to use.

You're never fully dressed without a great pair of shoes. I think the right pair of shoes completes your look.

Here are Tommy's snaps from yesterday’s shows. If you missed them, you can watch them here!