We made our way into the Craig Lawrence presentation space and were greeted with a shimmering, cascading, beautiful collection of knits that had us yearning for sunnier climes and a tan to wear them with.

Sea greens sat next to stark whites in perfect crochets. Necks were high and backs were low and everything was sheer, sheer, sheer! We’ve noticed a massive trend for shredded textures and worn-in lines, and Lawrence used these to their fullest. A long-length, thick yarn mai got its theatrical edge from flowing tassels down each side while a dress striped with horizontal panels played with proportions brilliantly. Melting silver threads played in the light and were set off perfectly by the models’ matt-dusted hair. And a little side note we picked up? Messy plaits are where it’s at for hair in SS11. Craig Lawrence, we salute you – our knitwear hero!