Over the years London has earned its reputation not only as a major fashion capital, but as a place where style and self-expression reign supreme.

Nowhere has this been truer than in the city's pulsing nightlife, where fashion, art and music mix and mingle, resulting in some of the most outlandishly delightful ensembles we've ever seen. Luckily club nights like Boombox, Smash and Grab, Trash and Nag Nag Nag have had photographers on hand to capture these amazing looks, and now the best of those images are being pulled together in an exhibition called Noughtie Nightlife.

From September 9th – October 2nd Richmix will be hosting a selection of images that define the last decade of London's club scene. Expect to see crazy make-up and wigs galore, bright colours, glitter and a generous helping of je ne sais quoi.

Most of all, expect to leave inspired and ready to delve into your dressing-up box!