Since taking it upon himself to fly over to Paris during Fashion Week to snap fashion's great and good, photographer Tommy Ton has created one of the industry's must-read blogs, Jak and Jil, and found his work featured in the likes of Vogue and Elle. And as if those weren't fashion credentials enough, now he's been click-clicking away on our brand new Freedom at Topshop shoot! We caught up with him to find out what makes him tick. 

Picture of Tommy Ton

Where do you find style inspiration?

Recently, I've been finding a great deal of inspiration from looking at mood board blogs. Basically, blogs that consist of streams of photos and no text. The best example would be Jjjjound. I'm also a huge fan of Tumblr and looking at people's inspirations and collections of photos.

Sum up your style in three words…

Schizophrenic. Basic. Comfortable.

What's your AW10 wardrobe staple?

I've been buying a lot of chunky knit sweaters recently – I have this need for more and more sweaters! 

Where’s the best place in the world?

New York without a doubt! There's this frenetic energy that surges throughout the city constantly and there's always something to see and do at all times. 

And your favourite London/New York hotspots? 

I love dropping into Dover Street Market every time I'm in London. It's a must-stop destination for any fashion lovers.  And of course the Topshop flagship is where I stock up on so many basics. In NY, I love to eat. I always find myself eating at Ippudo, which has the best Japanese ramen noodles. I also love going to Barneys and Opening Ceremony to see the abundance of product. 

Your absolute favourite food?

It's hard to say because I love eating all different types of food but I guess I'd have to say it's a tie between Vietnamese/Thai. I can't help it, I'm Asian. 

And finally, complete this sentence: The very best feeling in the world is…

Doing something you absolutely love.


Check tomorrow to see his amazing snaps and click here shop the jewellery now!