It was Mark Fast's first solo show at London Fashion Week yesterday. As the lights dimmed and the sound of exotic birds filled the show space, the question on everybody’s lips was how would Mark develop his signature knits for the season ahead?

Inspired by the idea of disintegration and restoration, Fast took us on a journey to an exotic world inhabited by beautiful creatures for SS11. But as the models made their way down the catwalk in his much-loved lattice knit dresses, there was a feeling that there was something askew!


The fluorescent fringing and tassels that streamed from Mark’s knits in electric orange, turquoise, fuschia and yellow created a beautifull, yet wild feel. The designer's choice of colours may have had a carnival-esque show girl feel, but flowing from his geometric black armour-like knits, his work had dark, gothic undertones.


Backstage, Mark told us that he had envisioned a utopia, but one that had been destroyed! The textures that he incorporated into his knits – stiff transparent squares, jingling Swarovski crystals, the acidic tassles and fringing – were designed to create fragility, as well as a new sense of movement that he hadn’t fully explored before.

We know who we'll be seeing one of Mark’s SS11 dresses on for sure – Marina of Marina and the Diamonds. We could hear her ooing and ahing throughout and after seeing her wearing one at Brown Focus' Halloween party last year, we know that she knows how to rock a Mark Fast dress!