Mary Katrantzou put on a truly beautiful show this morning! As the sun shone down on the glass roof at the Topshop show space, her magnificent collection made up of surrealist prints and heavily structured silhouettes quite literally shone.


Aptly titled 'Ces't Ci Nes Pas Une Chambre' (This Is Not A Room), Mary's SS11 collection was inspired by a myriad of references taken from interiors. From the graphic sets of Guy Boudin and Helmut Newton's iconic fashion shoots to spaces found in Architectural Digest and 70s East Coast hotel rooms, the breadth of references used in Mary's collection was absolutely amazing. 


Splicing sections of her favourite images together to create a new space of her own, Mary's geometric prints shone with exuberant colour. A window frame was the focus of a bodice, while a tromp l'oeil archway on a structured skirt created a voyeuristic feeling of looking in through a window. In bursts of strong Bourdin-esque shades of red and green to South Beach style peaches and blues, Mary's chosen palettes and prints worked in beautiful unison. 


Inspired by her starting point, sculpted shoulders were created by using the angled pelmet techniques found on curtains, while swathes of material fell from the hips of dresses, and crinoline and lampshades inspired Mary's skirt shapes.


Finished  with extravagant raffia detailing, embellished with embroidery and intricate beading, and styled with the designers' signature statement jewellery, Mary's collection was an intricate, beautifully vision.

Watch Mary's SS11 collection again on our live stream channel here!