Last month we were lucky enough to take a trip over to Germany for the Berlin Festival. We'd heard so much about the city and couldn't wait to set off and see what was what. Even though we almost missed our plane and had to leg it through the departure lounge in heels, we were super excited about what the festival had in store.



We weren't disappointed. Held in the disused Tempelhof airport in Central Berlin, the two-day festival would play host to 30,000 partygoers and a who's-who of the indie music scene. The setting was incredible. The expansive runway tarmac was strewn with eateries and bars, and at strategic points enormous hangars housed stages for the artists to perform on.


First off we had a sit down with Laura-Mary Carter from Blood Red Shoes for a chat about style and being on the festival circuit:

Are you excited about your set?

Yeah, pretty nervous – it sounds like the end of the world when the drums are going!

Who else are looking forward to seeing?

If I can stay awake I really want to see LCD Soundsystem and I want to see Atari Teenage Riot… and Caribou. Oh, and I want to see Fever Ray as well.

What's your favourite thing to wear on stage?

My Led Zepplin t-shirt that I wear every gig! But I’ve also got this really cool jacket from Topshop. It’s this denim jacket that’s got loads of fur inside it. I think fur is my fashion tip for AW10.

It looks like you're wearing Topshop nail varnish…

Yes, wow, that's good! How did you know that?

Well, we have them all.

Actually, my jumper's from Topshop as well…

How about your amazing necklace?

That's from a little stall in Tokyo. And I got my scarf from this really cool place in Shibuya in Tokyo. From this massive, massive mall – maybe about eight floors of different shops. I spent hours in there, just fascinated. There's so much stuff that you end up buying nothing. I got my shorts there as well.

Finish this sentence: the very best feeling in the world is…

When you get to sleep for, like, 10 hours!



In true airport style, the set listings were written on a departure board and there were planes parked here and there as a reminder of the venue's previous use. The largest building in Europe, Tempelhof was built in the 1920s and closed in 2008, since when it's twice hosted the festival. Everywhere we looked there was something photo-worthy, including a whole lot of awesome style. Check out these girls we bumped into along the way!


We absolutely loved Les Corps Mince de Francoise's set and were really excited when we got to catch up with Emma and Mia just before they went on stage. What those girls don't know about Berlin's cool hangouts ain't worth knowing!


You guys have just moved here, so you must know Berlin pretty well – where are the best places to go?

Mia: Mitte is great. There are some great flea markets over in Freidrichshain and in Kreuzberg there's a big shop called Colours, which is a huge, huge place where one kilo of clothes costs 10 euros. There are loads of cool cafes around that area too.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing perform?

Mia: Robyn! She's really good. We're really looking forward to Fever Ray too… and Hot Chip. All these artists, all these really big names…

Are you looking forward to your set?

Emma: Yeah! We're opening the stage where Fever Ray and Robyn are going to play, so it's big news. It's always hard to open a stage, but it's sold out today, so it should be great. Tempelhof is such a huge place. Did you know that it's the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon?

Mia: Yeah, I'm really excited. We recently moved to Berlin, so we've played some shows and have done some touring in Germany, but we've never played a festival in here before. The line-up's really fresh, it's really organized – it’s amazing!



After rejoining the crowds for standout performances from LCD Soundsystem and Editors we found ourselves deep in conversation with 2manyDJs:


How've you found the festival so far?

We’ve actually only just arrived. We went to our dressing room and it was occupied by four other bands having fun, which is all good.

Where were you before here?

Yesterday we were home. Monday we get to Milan and then Tuesday we play in Milan… and then Wednesday we're at home and then Thursday Australia.

Wow! Where's your favourite place to shop?

Japan. If you're a girl and you want to shop, go to Japan. You're going to be bankrupt.

What's your favourite place to be in the world?


And what would you do at home?

Sit on the couch and watch TV!

Sum up your style in three words.

Stephen: Japanese socks, yeah…

David: Business casual, failing.

What's your favourite place in London?

What do you love about Topshop?

Topshop's great, really. When I go in I think it's great. You do Personal Shopping now, right? And it's free?

It is free! You should get down there.

We don’t need it!

You guys are setting up your own radio, Radio Soulwax?

Yes, that's why we spend all our time in record shops, searching for tracks that nobody's ever heard before. We've cleared a few places out!

And when's that going to be live?

We're hoping to get it up and running before Christmas.

We finally dragged ourselves away from the party and made our way home, still buzzing from the festival. The music, the bands and the atmosphere had been amazing, but possibly our favourite thing about our trip were the cute little hats that the little red road crossing men wore!