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Bizu Yaregal

Sing to The First Chorus of 'Only Girl'* I want you to make me feel like I'm the Fiercest Girl (In The Word) I could do with a style overhaul Trapped in hoodies whilst my friends all rock pearls….Fiercest Girl (In The World) I'll be repping Rihanna Navy. I'm begging for this opportunity Help me find my style identity… yeah!!! I want you to make me feel like I'm the Fiercest Girl (In The Word) I could do with a style overhaul Dressed in hoodies whilst my friends all rock pearls ….Fiercest Girl (In The World) 

Annie Armstrong

Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Onassis, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynd, Kate Moss, are the style icons of the past. The reason I would love the chance to be styled by Rihanna is that in the coming decades she will be reflected on as one of the iconic figures in style. As she definately deserves. Fashion aside, meeting Rihanna would be a huge opportunity for any young girl as she is truly a role model. Musically Rihanna's last album- her best by faaaaar-showed her coming out of the mould the industry made for her and doing her own thing, something I feel is mirrored in leaving school and starting into the adult world which persoanlly I am struggling with. For these reasons I hope I see Rihanna soon :) LOOOOVE Annie


Rihanna is the Grace Jones of our generation – striking, fearless and effortlessly cool. She's a complete modern day style icon and whilst we don't all have the accessibility to such incredible designers like Thierry Mugler, Dsquared or Balmain, Topshop creates staple pieces in most girls' wardrobes – mine included! To be 21 and styled by an icon would be a dream.


Rihanna must pick me because I LOVE everything Rihanna!! She is sexy yet classy and independent just like myself. Rihanna is THE fashion icon of all fashion icons. She has her own individual style and does not follw trends but set them! Everyone wants a bit of Rihanna be it her clothing style of her hair styles which are always on point. I for one was even nick named RIRI by people that know me because my style is very much influenced by Rihanna especially my hair. Apart from being a style icon, Rihanna is a great inspiration to young girls and women all around the world because of what she has gone through and yet look at her now still standing and even better than before. She also inspires young girls to believe they can do anything and become someone nomatter their background. Rihanna I hope you pick me. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!


I would love to win this consultation with Rihanna because I want to turn my life around, starting now! I've never done anything SO spur of the moment. I live in Cornwall (across country from London) but this evening I shall pack a bag, leave it by the front door and if I get picked, I have 6 minutes to get on the train to see her! I've always played it safe, but I want to try a completely different approach, and what better way is there to do it?! On days that have been the hardest, its always been the music that turns it around. Its no exaggeration that I listen to her tracks at least once every day, just ask the neighbours! It would truly be an honour to meet her and say thank you to the person who has given me and many others so much through her music and strength. The free clothes picked by Rihanna herself are just an awesome bonus! Having just finished university I really can’t think of a better way to begin the next phase of my life than rocking it in an outfit chosen by Rihanna! Good luck to everyone, and if you are one of the lucky five, cherish every second of it!