Yesterday, we headed to Primrose Hill for a lesson on how to ice and decorate our favourite delectable treats – cupcakes. Organised by the lovely people at The Cocoa Box, it really was a scrumptious afternoon out.

The focus of our class was decoration but we loved how The Cocoa Box revealed how to create the perfect sponge, even giving us a recipe sheet to take home.

With the focus on creating all kinds of gorgeous decorations, we were guided through how to make everything from girly bows to ice-cream cones and even cupcakes to decorate our cupcakes with. With tonnes of tips – we found the icing ones especially insightful – even ours looked super professional.

As you can see, sprinkles, edible glitter and all kinds of pretty things were on hand so we could add the perfect finishing touches. And the best bit? They were absolutely scrumptious, eaten with a cup of tea, while on the sofa watching Boadwalk Empire.

They do chocolate making classes too, and will even come to you, so if you're looking for the perfect afternoon treat, be sure to give The Cocoa Box a call.