And now for something completely different! NEWGEN winner Christopher Raeburn showcased a collection of outerwear that presented his skills as a reworker, a historian and an incredible designer. The collection was divided into three separate sections, each with its own core values.


Remade used reconstructed military fabrics sourced throughout Europe, Lightweight was made of bold pieces and energetic designs, while British showcased the designers’ love of ethics – each item was made up in British-made fabrics left over from the industry.

From his signature pop-out parka in slick silver to the cute wind cheater in burnished broze, these are all pieces that we can imagine slotting perfectly into our wardrobes. We just fancy ourselves popping out for a pint of milk in a Christopher Raeburn creation! Eye-popping colours, sleek detailing and an ethical ethos are going to win us over any day.